Breakfast Spread

Breakfast Spread

If you believe that the dynamic start of the day passes through a nice recipe full
of special flavors, try the Breakfast Spreadful Pumpkin recipe without wasting time!
Brew the tea; We prepare a delicious breakfast recipe that will sweeten the top of
our bread, which is eaten alongside pilaf, pasta and even baklava. If you want both
different and practical, you can have a delicious, spreadable flavor for breakfast and bread!
Extraordinarily rich pumpkin in terms of vitamin A and alpha-carotene;
We bring together the anti-aging cocoa and health store carob extract.
As an alternative to the chocolate cream of the little ones, we want you
to saturate you with a very soft and very healthy taste that you can rub and apply on hot bread.


To prepare the pumpkin puree, place the fresh zucchini, diced, in a tray with baking paper. Bake in a preheated 180 degree grill oven until the fork reaches the consistency.


When cool, pass through the blender. Mix the remaining ingredients and prepare them for service.

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