⦁ It treats signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, age spots on the skin.

Sağlar Provides a healthy menstrual cycle.

Destekler It supports muscle and bone development.

Destekler It supports growth in children.

⦁ It is good for colds.

⦁ Helps in the treatment of throat inflammation, cough and respiratory infections.

⦁ It prevents hair loss and dandruff formation.

Güçlendir Strengthens and mobilizes metabolism.

Yardım Helps treat diabetes.

Düzen It regulates digestion.

Teşvik Encourages sleep.

Ler Prevents anemia.

Balances blood sugar.

⦁ Lowers high cholesterol.

⦁ Treats asthma and bronchitis.

⦁ Prevents cancer.