⦁ Intestinal worms and other parasites in the body kill.

. It is effective in reducing insulin resistance.

⦁ It is good for Alzheimer’s disease.

⦁ It is anti-bacterial.

⦁ It is anti-microbial.

⦁ Lowers blood sugar levels.

⦁ Fungi are effective against infections.

Etkil It is effective against colds and flu.

Ön Prevents constipation.

Etkil It is effective against high blood pressure.

⦁ It is good for cholesterol.

⦁ It is good for toothache.

Ler It cleans the body of toxins.

⦁ It destroys the wounds and boils that occur in the body.

Etkil It is effective against hair loss.

Iyi It is good for skin diseases.

BUT low blood pressure patients should not consume garlic.

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