Important Places You Forget When Cleaning The Kitchen

Important Places You Forget When Cleaning The Kitchen

1) Refrigerator.

Do not say the refrigerator. We must always keep every corner of our closet, which is our warehouse, where we store almost all our food, and even the invisible places between the shelves free of germs .

2) Grill covers.

The grills of some hobs provide the advantage of cleaning as they are dishwasher safe. For grills that cannot be washed, dirt can be removed by gently rubbing it with a sponge with a non-abrasive sponge.

3) Hoods and filters.

All oils and dirt splashed while cooking are filled into the hood. For this reason, you should change the filters every 6 months. In addition, you should wipe it regularly with warm water and cloth.

4) Drying machine

Especially in rainy weather, the hair filter of the dryer, which is one of the most practical devices that facilitates our lives, should be cleaned regularly, but we often forget that we do not see it.

5) Dishwasher.

Yes, no matter how strange it may seem, we generally forget to clean the cleaning tools. One of them is undoubtedly our dishwasher. Although our dishwasher is a machine that keeps itself clean even if it is a little, it contains a filter that does not last long and loses its functionality from lime and mineral deposits in a short time. For this, simply place the cleaner and wash your machine with a cycle.

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